We have recently completed the successful commissioning of Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s SNS Extraction Kicker System.   Applied Power Systems’ work was a major factor in this project's success, helping this system to become the first of its kind at ORNL.

I realize the time constraints of this contract placed an extra burden on your firm. Your extraordinary effort was greatly appreciated! The outstanding engineering support and construction implementation offered by your firm helped deliver an overall improvement in final system performance.

It was a pleasure to have dealt with everyone at APS during the production phase of this power system. I highly recommend APS as a solid and reliable supplier with outstanding expertise in the power electronics’ field.

Kenneth Rust
Senior Power Supply Engineer, ORNL-SNS

The University of Texas Center for Electromechanics (UT-CEM) has a long history of developing high power systems for various industry and government R&D projects. Over the years I have learned the true value of being able to rely on certain vendors. I consider Applied Power Systems to be one of those vendors I can depend on.

My positive experiences with Applied Power Systems has established them as a highly dependable vendor of leading edge power products with excellent technical support. Their power system expertise complements and extends our own engineering resources and has provided valuable assistance to us at critical project stages.

It was pleasure working with APS during the development of our latest power system. I recommend APS as a highly reliable and knowledgable vendor, with outstanding expertise in power conversion systems."

Ray Zowarka
University of Texas, Center for Electomechanics

My fifty years in engineering and corporate management have taught me that the most important quality to look for in a business relationship is the culture of the company.

I have watched Applied Power Systems develop into such an organization. They have responded with design innovations to solve difficult requirements and have manufactured high quality products on time. This is the mark of a valuable associate.

Whenever power system requirements arise, look towards Applied Power Systems."

Howard A. Lazarus
Director of Automation Engineering, Astrosystems, Inc.

I wanted to say Thank You for a job well done.

When I realized the high voltage, high power inverter required for my project was not available as a standard product from any supplier, I contacted the major companies in the field. My search yielded little success until I found APS. When everyone else delivered empty promises, you delivered actual results.

Your ability to design and manufacture the high power inverter with our specific features and requirements was crucial for us to get our system to market. Also the engineering support you provided in my efforts to integrate the inverter into our high voltage system was invaluable in making the overall project a success.

I appreciate your continued support and recommend APS as a valuable supplier for us to this day."

Jeb Rong, Ph.D. (Dr.-Ing.)
High Voltage Engineering

About 9 years ago, APS was the winner of a contract for a group of high current solid-state switches for the cryogenic magnet protection system here at the RHIC project.  We installed over 300 of your solid-state switches ranging from under 100A to over 6500A.  We were and still are impressed with the APS agility, engineering and workmanship on these switches.

We have since had many additional contracts with APS over the years and you have proven to be a very reliable and consistent supplier of high power electronic equipment.  We look forward to continuing to work with APS in the years to come."

George L. Ganetis
R&D Manager, Brookhaven National Laboratory

Please accept my most sincere appreciation for the assistance you have given the Nevada State Railroad Musem in your generous gift of the SCR firing board.  The generosity that you have shown helps us, the volunteers, serve the museum and ultimately the visitors to the museum. It is through such help that we can continue our work.

We will use this board to put our antique wheel lathe back into service and use it for its intended purpose, turning wheels for the railroad equipment.  If you ever have the chance to visit Nevada, please put us on your itinerary and we would be very pleased to personally tour you through our facility.

Chris DeWitt
Supervisor of Restoration
Nevada State Railroad Musem

High Power Inverters

High Power Inverters

5-500 kilowatt Inverters, AC Controllers and IGBT Inverters are available with Full Bridge, Half Bridge, 3-Phase Bridge, Chopper and Soft Start Circuits.  Options include Air or Liquid Cooled, Voltage Feedback, Current Feedback, Thermal Feedback, Snubbers,  Laminated Bus, DC Filter Capacitors, Fuses, and Blowers/Fans. Our Single Phase or 3-Phase Inverters are designed to fit a wide range of applications or custom designed to fit uniqe requirments.

High Power Converters

High Power Converters

Our High Power Converters are available in Single Phase, Three Phase, Poly Phase, AC Switch, Parallel Configuration and Static Switch configurations.  Options include Air or Liquid Cooled, Voltage Feedback, Current Feedback, Thermal Feedback, Snubbers, Laminated Bus, Filter Capacitors, Output Bus Bars, and Blowers/Fans.  These products are widely used for High-Power Motor Control, High-Power AC-DC Power Suppplies and High-Power DC-DC Power Supplies.

High Power Semiconductor Assemblies

High-Power Semiconductor Assemblies

Our High-Power Semiconductor Assemblies are available with Single, Doubler, Three Phase, Full Bridge, Series Stacks, Parallel, AC Switch, Static Switch, Common Anode/Common Cathode Topologies.  Options for include Air or Liquid Cooled, Bus Bars, Gate Firing Boards, Fuses, Snubbers, Blowers/Fans, Thermal Switches, Insulated Mounting and FiberOptic Interfaces. We offer a wide range of Power Semiconductors to satisfy a wide range of power management requirements.


IGBT and SCR Gate Driver Boards

IGBT and SCR Gate Driver Boards

Our IGBT and SCR Gate Driver Boards come in Full Bridge, Half Bridge, 3-Phase Bridge, Single, Doubler, Twelve Pulse, AC Switch and High Voltage Driver circuit boards.  Options for our IGBT and SCR Converters include Voltage Feedback, Current Feedback, Thermal Feedback, Device Fault Protection, Circuit Protection and FiberOptic Interface.  Our SCR and IGBT Controllers are made to fit a wide range of applications and can be quickly customized to meet unique applications.

Custom High Power Systems

Custom High Power Systems

We offer Custom High Power Systems design utilizing our years of experience with power component technologies.  We we can design build entire high power system with state of the art enclosures, digital / analog interface signals, control and monitoring circuitry.  Our advanced cooling techniques with baseplates, heatsinks, fans, blowers and liquid cooling devices ensure your custom power supply design will have the best in thermal management.